How to make the best Christmas hamper!

Stuck for present ideas this Christmas?

Are you tired of giving away the same old gift set and socks? Do you wish to give something extra special to your loved ones this Christmas? Or maybe you are feeling brave enough to be crafty? If any of that seems familiar to you, then making your own Christmas hamper may just be the best gift idea!

Creating your own hamper can serve as a unique present, plus you can also tailor it to your loved one’s preferences. For example, you could create a chocolate-themed hamper for a sweet tooth or a spiced-themed hamper for those who like a bit of heat.

If you wish to make something all-encompassing, then keep reading!

Christmas hamper

What do I need to make a homemade Christmas hamper?

So now you’re wondering, how do I get started? Well, it’s just as simple as buying the following items from any craft store!

A wicker basket with a lid

Buying one with a lid means that the recipient cannot see what’s inside till the big day.

Packing material to cushion your Christmas hamper treats

There are different ways to protect your hamper goodies such as using shredded paper and ‘packaging peanuts’. You can even use popcorn too!


To decorate the wicker basket, you may wish to wrap it around in ribbon and finish with a bow on top of the lid.

Adhesive [optional]

By using any adhesive such as glue dots for example, will help secure the ribbon when tied around the wicker basket.

A label and some twine

A Christmas gift wouldn’t be without a label to let your loved ones’ know who their gift is from.

What to include in a homemade Christmas hamper?

If you want to make something a little more universal for your recipient, here are some ideas of what to include…

Hot beverages

The festive season is the best time of year to curl up on the sofa with a cosy blanket and a warm drink. So why not indulge them with some tea, coffee or some luxurious cocoa to brighten up their day?

Sweet treats

We all know that the best companion to a warm beverage on a chilly Winter’s day is a home-baked treat! So you may feel like adding some brownies, shortbread or, biscotti. The food magazine, Delish, is a great source of inspiration for some sweet treats to add to your Christmas hamper.

You could also add other confectionary such as the recipient’s favourite sweets or some decadent truffles!


Spirits and cordials

A festive hamper would not be one without treating somebody to some fine wine and liqueurs. If you want to add a more personal touch to the hamper, you could make your own liqueur. For example, you could experiment with making some raspberry vodka or limoncello.

However, if you are giving the hamper to someone who isn’t so keen on booze, then feel free to include cordial as an alternative. We love BBC Good Food’s recipes for rhubarb cordial and raspberry cordial.

Savoury delicacies

If home-baked sweet treats are the best companion to a warm beverage, then savoury nibbles are the perfect accompaniment with a cool glass of pinot grigio or the refreshing taste of raspberry cordial!

You could make some homemade cheese twists to add to the hamper, or if you’re feeling a little lazy you could instead gift some savoury snacks such as crackers, nuts and popcorn. Also, you could put a continental twist on the hamper by adding some delicious antipasti.


At last, you can complete your Christmas hamper with some jams, chutneys, and hot sauces. If you feel up to spending time in the kitchen, we highly recommend trying Nigella’s chilli jam recipe!

sweet chilli and pepper jam


We hope you enjoy making your own hamper this festive season. At Glove Poppit HQ, we all wish you a Merry Christmas this year!

How to protect your dry hands from handwashing


My personal experience with eczema

Now that handwashing is more important than ever, it’s safe to say that everyone has been suffering from dry hands.

But how are you supposed to regularly wash your hands when you suffer from eczema?

Like many across the UK, I suffer from eczema, which tends to be triggered by handwashing and sanitisers. So after hearing the government’s advice on staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, I was worried about the effects of excessive handwashing on my hands. Plus, I didn’t want to rely on using steroid creams due to the side effects of overusing them.

I realised I needed to take extra care of my hands, so I tried many different things! Therefore, I wanted to share five tips that have worked for me so you can protect your dry hands from handwashing!

Five tips for caring for your dry hands from handwashing

1.     Invest in a quick drying microfibre towel

The quick drying and absorbent material ensures that the towel won’t be soggy and irritable to your skin.

2.     Use paper towels or tissues to dry your hands when you’re in public bathrooms

The heat and air from hand dryers can really leave your skin feeling dehydrated, therefore it might be handy to manually dry your hands.

3.     Using an emoilent moisturiser after washing like E45, Diprobase, Oilatum… etc.

I recommend using emollient moisturisers like the ones mentioned since they create a soothing protective barrier which prevents moisture loss.

4.     Leave your favourite moisturiser beside the sink

I found this to be a great way to remind you to moisturise your hands, since I tend to struggle of getting into the habit of doing so.

5.     Hanging up your washing up gloves on the Glove Poppit!

In the past, I’ve tended to leave my gloves hanging in the sink, but found that this leads them to become soggy inside. After using the Glove Poppit, I’ve found this to be a reliable way of preventing the gloves from being wet, leaving my hands free of inflammation when I come to use them next.

Dry skin saviours that we love for protecting our hands at Glove Poppit HQ

At Glove Poppit, we thought we would all share our favourite products for caring and protecting our hands…

Helen says, “My favourite hand cream is Body Shop Hemp hand cream, it has an interesting aroma and is highly effective.“

Anna recommends, “I love Palmer’s Shea Butter Formula Raw shea body lotion, it is so soothing and smells amazing!“

Reem suggests, “My trusted product is Nivea Soft hand cream, it’s super affordable. Plus, my mum who suffers from eczema swears by it too.”

What about you? Have you got any tips that have saved your hands from excessive handwashing during the pandemic?

Let us know in the comments!


Just a little update at Glove Poppit HQ…

What’s been happening at Glove Poppit recently?

With the ongoing pandemic making work busier than ever, it is safe to say that this year flown by! With our increasing commitment towards work outside of Glove Poppit, we have undertaken two MSc Digital Marketing students from Robert Gordon University (RGU) to support us. We are grateful for the commitment and aid that they have given us so far.

We introduce to you, Reem and Anna…

Reem (left) and Anna (right)

Reem – Social Media Coordinator

Reem will be supporting the Glove Poppit social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook.

How did you hear of the internship?

I have heard about it through RGU’s placement office, after a successful interview, I began to work with Glove Poppit in April.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Glove Poppit HQ?

The best part of working in GP HQ is creative environment and flexibility of work.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to read social media articles and blogs. I also like to research new trends in social media marketing.

What would you do if you didn’t work in marketing?

I would be a children’s doctor. I previously studied medicine, but in during my first month of medical college I got scared of blood in first month and decided to leave.


Anna – Content Coordinator

Anna will be responsible for contributing towards the Glove Poppit website’s blog.

How did you hear of the internship?

Reem and I have been friends throughout completing our master’s degree at RGU and have worked together on coursework. So, when Reem told me that she was encouraged to bring on other students to support the Glove Poppit, I said yes!

What is your favourite thing about working at Glove Poppit HQ?

My favourite thing about working at Glove Poppit HQ is that my efforts have been recognised by Helen and Reem. I also like how we all support one another, and that we are all open to each other’s feedback and ideas.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I really enjoy trying new recipes and cooking in general, so stay tuned for more foodie-based topics on the Glove Poppit blog!

What would you do if you didn’t work in marketing?

If I could, I would love to become a photographer.